June 1, 2023

Caribbean American Heritage Month Employee Spotlight: Yesiah Terlonge

  • Name: Yesiah Terlonge
  • Title/Position: Managing Legal Assistant
  • Years at KK: 4
  • Where in the Caribbean are you from: Haiti & The Bahamas
  • What about your culture makes you the proudest: History of resiliency
  • Favorite Caribbean dish:  Legume with white rice (Haiti) and Conch salad (Bahamas)
  • Why celebrating Caribbean Heritage Month is Important: I think it’s important to celebrate the Caribbean and its direct influence on US culture, especially in the arts.
  • Who inspires you: My mother, Ellen Cadet!
  • Can you provide us with an important historical fact about where you are from: Haiti became the first Black Republic after declaring its independence from France in 1804.