March 16, 2020

Kelley Kronenberg Coronavirus Text Hotline

As the Coronavirus continues to create business risks & uncertainty, Kelley Kronenberg launched a free text hotline offering business owners and key decision-makers support.

The Coronavirus Text Hotline provides general information regarding the impact of a potential or actual Coronavirus pandemic and is not intended to provide specific legal advice. The use of the Hotline is permitted only upon acceptance of its terms of use.


For Contract Questions, Text:
Harsh Arora, 954-256-0743


Ex: What are the rights and obligations of our business in
light of our supplier’s inability to timely deliver goods?




For Immigration Questions, Text:
Sonia Oliveri, 954-241-3492


Ex: How can my foreign employees continue
to stay and work legally in the U.S.?




For Employment – Employee Relations Questions, Text:
Angelo Filippi, 954-281-9244


Ex: How do I handle ADA accommodation issues for
employees at risk and leave vs. telecommuting issues?




For Workers’ Compensation Questions, Text:
Kim Fernandes, 954-239-7578


Ex: Will my employee’s workers’ compensation claim for
contracting the virus be covered under my policy?




For Bankruptcy/Creditors Rights Questions, Text:
James Silver, 954-281-7970


Ex: How to deal with financial distress affecting
my business or my customers’ businesses?




For Construction Questions, Text:
Gary Brown, 954-399-6442


Ex: How does our business address delays and inability
to perform on projects during this crisis?




For Family Law Questions, Text:
Natalie Kay, 954-546-9842


Ex: What do I do if my co-parent refuses to exchange our
child(ren) until the Pandemic passes?


To read the Terms of Use, click here