June 28, 2024

Kelley Kronenberg Launches New Residential Real Estate Practice Area

Kelley Kronenberg, a leading national full-service law firm, announces the expansion of its legal services with the introduction of a dedicated Residential Real Estate practice area, providing substantial financial savings to home buyers.  

The real estate industry is undergoing a significant transformation following a recent ruling by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) that mandates changes to the traditional commission structure. In response to this shift, Kelley Kronenberg is expanding to meet the needs of current and prospective Florida residents by providing a full suite of residential real estate services, including handling sales from negotiations to closing. With a variety of pricing plans, home buyers could save thousands of dollars. 

Additionally, unlike traditional real estate agents, who may lack the legal expertise to provide comprehensive guidance, Kelley Kronenberg offers the assurance of licensed attorneys who can ensure every contract is legally sound and binding. 

Kelley Kronenberg’s Residential Real Estate Closings practice area offers a range of services, including: 

  • Negotiations and submissions of formal offers to get our clients the best deal possible; 
  • Meticulous drafting of customized agreements tailored to each client’s unique needs and circumstances; 
  • Review of contracts, including any changed or added terms, to ensure legality and protection of client interests;  
  • Comprehensive legal guidance on all aspects of real estate transactions, including complex legal concepts and potential risks; and,  
  • Protection against the legal risks associated with the unauthorized practice of law. 

With a client-centric approach and a commitment to delivering exceptional service, Kelley Kronenberg is poised to become a trusted partner for individuals and businesses navigating residential real estate transactions. 

In addition to the legal protections we offer, our clients will benefit from substantial financial advantages, including: 

  • Capped service fees at 1% of the purchase price for residential transactions or flat fee (whichever is less) instead of buyer’s agent traditional 3% model; 
  • Reduced loan sums by eliminating commissions to buyer’s agents and making your offer more competitive; and, 
  • Cost savings on title, escrow, and transaction costs handling through our national title services. 

For more information about Kelley Kronenberg’s Residential Real Estate Closings practice area, please visit: https://www.kelleykronenberg.com/our-practices/real-estate/residential-real-estate/