March 9, 2023

Women’s History Month Employee Spotlight: Greta Matiash

  • Name: Greta Matiash (soon to be Cohen in 24 days!!)
  • Title: SVP, Lead Generation & Partnerships
  • Years at KK: Next month will be 3.5 years
  • Obstacles you’ve overcome as a woman in a male-dominated profession: I wouldn’t say it’s an obstacle, but something I have had to learn was having to shout louder in order to be heard. By shout, I don’t mean raising my voice- that gets people nowhere real fast… I’ve learned to use data, proof points, and a rational, calm demeanor to get my point across.
  • What does Women’s History Month mean to you?: Every month should be about Women’s History and appreciation month! However, I do enjoy seeing how strong women were back then and how far we’ve progressed.
  • Favorite Quote or Mantra:  Today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday  -Dale Carnegie. Stop stressing about what will happen tomorrow and live in today.
  • Name a woman that inspires you and why: Outside of my mother, I grew really fond of and am inspired by the nonverbal body language communications expert, Linda Clemons. I’ve attended a few seminars and she captives a room like none other. She helps people become better leaders and has a trained eye for spotting red flags, strengths, and weaknesses. Although my role for many years has required it, I was never truly comfortable with public speaking and Linda Clemons has helped me overcome challenges.