March 16, 2023

Women’s History Month Employee Spotlight: Katie Koener

  • Name: Katie Koener
  • Title: Partner/Business Unit Leader
  • Years at KK: 4
  • Obstacles you’ve overcome as a woman in a male-dominated profession: Being questioned about my place far in excess of my male colleagues (by opposing counsel, by experts, and even by Judges) and remaining unflappable/ asserting myself to maintain my well-earned achievements.
  • What does Women’s History Month mean to you?: Women’s history month is an opportunity to celebrate the women who have paved the way for me to have succeeded, as well as serve as a reminder that there is still work to be done for the women who come after us.
  • Favorite Quote or Mantra: Lift as you climb.
  • Name a woman that inspires you and why:
    • Non-famous: I am inspired daily by the women around me at KK. The admiration and respect we have for one another is unmatched in our profession.
    • Famous: My daughter and I just watched a documentary on the first female astronaut, Sally Ride. She overcame many adversities in life, her most public being rising through the ranks of a male-dominated field to become not only the first American woman to go to space but also the youngest.