Copyright and Trademark

Copyright and Trademark


Kelley Kronenberg’s Copyright and Trademark Practice provides legal services to protect and enforce the rights of creators and owners of intellectual property, such as inventions, drawings, pictures, paintings, statues, written works, compositions, audio recordings, written choreography, designs, logos, and other similar works.  

From the point of creation, our attorneys assist all types and sizes of institutional clients, start-up companies, and entrepreneurs to identify the type of protections necessary and counsel you on the most advantageous and cost-effective options. Whether copyright or trademark, our team has the experience and expertise needed to establish an effective intellectual property strategy and protection plan to guard your assets from infringement.  

Our services continue with the filing and prosecuting trademark and copyright applications. Through these preliminary steps, we will advise you on the registrability, prepare your application, and communicate with the USPTO on the myriad of issues that may arise through the process. Registration is essential to obtaining maximum rights and entitlements for your assets. We counsel our clients toward maximum profitability, including the examination and orchestration of licensing agreements, when appropriate.   

In today’s digitalized world, we are proud to have attorneys with the expertise and experience to handle the protection of domain names, computer programs, mobile device applications, and electronically created images. As technology advances, so will our legal services.   

Our personalized services include:   

  • Searching and advising clients regarding whether works can be protected and the appropriate avenues for protection,  
  • Investigating and counseling clients regarding whether a trademark infringes on another and providing guidance to avoid trademark infringement,  
  • Registering copyrights to protect works created by artists, designers, writers, and other creators,  
  • Registering trademarks to protect words, phrases, symbols, sounds, smells, and color schemes,  
  • Communicating with the Examining Attorneys at the U.S. Trademark Office to advocate for registration,  
  • Representing clients in appeals of denied trademark applications before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board,  
  • Submitting fees to maintain trademark registrations in the U.S. and abroad,  
  • Preparing, drafting, and reviewing license agreements,  
  • Preparing and filing documents and applications with the U.S. Trademark Office, 
  • Responding to any type of infringement and queries, including but not limited to initiation of cease-and-desist actions,  
  • Preparing and filing documents and applications in foreign countries, and 
  • Representation of clients in federal and state court and before administrative agencies such as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  

Finally, our team is here to assist with enforcement of intellectual property, handling any litigation that may be initiated or arise in federal court, and any appeals that may be necessary. We are prepared to represent our clients in actions involving:  

  • Trademark Infringement 
  • Trademark Assignments 
  • Copyright Registration 
  • Copyright Infringement 
  • Copyright Assignments 
  • Domain Name Disputes 
  • Licensing Agreements