Mortgage Foreclosure & Default Services


Our Mortgage Foreclosure & Default Services Team’s commitment to excellence in representing banks, investors, loan servicers, and financial institutions is unwavering. With two decades of experience, we have successfully navigated the complex landscape of financial services litigation, offering our clients trusted counsel and robust advocacy. 

Kelley Kronenberg is a proud recipient of the prestigious Fannie/Freddie GSE “No objection” Certification across its jurisdictions, spanning Florida, New York, Illinois and Indiana.   

Residential Default & Lender Services 

Default Foreclosure Litigation 

Kelley Kronenberg is your trusted partner in handling all aspects of the residential and commercial mortgage foreclosure process. We meticulously adhere to each client’s specific timelines, compliance requirements, and fee schedules. Our collaborative approach enables us to craft customized documentation and processes aligned with your unique needs. Our robust infrastructure and cutting-edge technology ensure the delivery of high-quality legal services even on a high-volume basis. With partner oversight, we swiftly detect and address potential non-routine foreclosure issues, allowing our experienced attorneys to provide tailored attention to these matters. 

We routinely provide the following additional foreclosure-related services to our clients: 

  • Bankruptcy  
  • Consent Judgments 
  • Deeds-in-Lieu of Foreclosure 
  • Loss Mitigation Efforts  
  • Short-sale and Short-payoffs 
  • Judicial Foreclosures (Forward and Reverse) 
  • Title Curative Work 
  • BPL “Fix and Flip” Foreclosures 

Kelley Kronenberg represents secured creditors in connection with all aspects of bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings. While most default-related bankruptcy proceedings are routine, when appropriate, we aggressively represent our clients to protect and preserve their collateral and prevent abusive tactics by litigants. 

Our bankruptcy attorneys excel in: 

  • Contesting Debtor’s Objections to Claims  
  • Cram Down of Secured Claims  
  • Motions for Relief from Stay  
  • Objections to Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plans  
  • Objections to Discharge 
  • Post-Discharge Proceedings  
  • Priority Lien Disputes  
  • Proof of Claims 
  • Reaffirmation Agreements 
  • Subordination of Liens 

Contested Foreclosure Litigation  

A substantial portion of our practice centers around contested foreclosure litigation, both at the trial court and appellate levels. Our expertise extends to the critical trial court proceedings, where we diligently represent our clients in foreclosure cases. Over the years, Kelley Kronenberg’s Mortgage Foreclosure & Default Services Team has successfully defended numerous foreclosure actions on behalf of our clients at this initial stage. 

At the trial court level, our dedicated attorneys excel in providing comprehensive legal services. We leverage our extensive experience to navigate the complexities of these cases, including complex title issues, loan disputes, and borrower defenses. Our goal is to secure favorable outcomes for our clients, whether through settlement negotiations, litigation strategies, or other legal avenues. We understand the unique challenges and nuances of foreclosure litigation and are committed to achieving successful results for our clients at this crucial phase. 

Foreclosure Appeals 

Our Team’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the trial court level. We have also built a remarkable track record of successfully defending numerous foreclosure appeals on behalf of our clients. These appellate proceedings represent a critical phase in the foreclosure litigation process, where legal strategies must be both precise and persuasive. Our experienced appellate attorneys possess the intricate knowledge and skill required to navigate this complex terrain. 

Our success in defending foreclosure appeals is a testament to our dedication to our clients’ interests. We meticulously analyze each case, identifying key legal issues and crafting compelling arguments to present before appellate courts. Whether challenging adverse trial court decisions or advocating for the enforcement of our clients’ rights, our attorneys leverage their expertise to secure favorable outcomes in appellate settings. 

This proven record of accomplishment underscores our firm’s commitment to providing comprehensive legal representation throughout the entire foreclosure litigation process. We recognize that success in defending foreclosure appeals not only protects our clients’ interests but also sets a precedent for the industry. At Kelley Kronenberg, we are steadfast in our mission to deliver exceptional results at every stage of foreclosure litigation, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of legal advocacy.  

Complex Federal and State Statutory Litigation  

Large institutional clients that frequently engage with consumers must navigate a complex web of federal and state laws designed to protect consumers. This exposure can lead to litigation, either by individuals or on a class-wide basis. Our Mortgage Foreclosure & Default Services Team’s deep knowledge and expertise in counseling and defending clients facing such lawsuits are extensive and essential in addressing these challenges.  

We routinely and successfully litigate and defend against a wide range of defenses and counterclaims asserted by financial institution clients. Our experience includes claims and defenses arising from:  

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act 
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act 
  • Illinois Consumer Fraud Act 
  • Regulation X 
  • Regulation Z 
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act 
  • Residential Mortgage License Act 
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act 
  • Truth in Lending Act 

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