Florida Labor & Employment Law and OSHA

Florida Labor & Employment Law and OSHA

Angelo M. Filippi | Partner

“I understand the interests of government agencies regarding issues relating to specific industries including, construction, healthcare, and hospitality as it pertains to wage and hour laws, health, and safety issues.

 In addition, what sets me apart is of the number of areas that I am conversant in, including ERISA, ACA, and regulatory issues.

 I have one of a kind expert industry knowledge due to 35 years of experience. This allows me to excel at risk assessment. I know which questions to ask first and quickly to get to the root of your issue saving you, the client, money. I can tell you within the first 20 mins of hearing your facts – whether or not you’re in big trouble, little trouble, or none at all. 

I seek referrals from senior level human resources, CEO, and In-house General Counsels.”

How I Can Help You

  • Labor & Employment Law: I can navigate through the healthcare regulatory system, draft and negotiate Government contracts and audits, non-compete litigation, due diligence on purchases, as well as anything dealing with employment such as employee contracts, wrongful termination claims, discrimination, and whistleblowing 
  • OSHA: I can assist during investigations, review policies and practices, OSHA litigation defense and training.

Practice Areas

Contact Information

10360 W. State Road 84
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324

Phone: (954) 370-9970
Cell: (954) 401-1814
Toll-free: (800) 484-4381

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