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Our Practices


Kelley Kronenberg has the experience, knowledge, skill, and resources needed to help participants of the manufacturing industry meet their legal challenges. Our attorneys assist our manufacturing clients with the labor, employment, workers’ compensation, general liability, environmental and workplace health and safety issues that have long been a focus of the manufacturing industry. Kelley Kronenberg represents manufacturers in almost every industry including; automotive, electronics, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail products, heavy machinery, telecommunications, and more.

Our Attorneys understand the issues and legal concerns manufacturing clients face at every stage of the business cycle, particularly in the current complex economic environment. Kelley Kronenberg provides advice and counseling on a broad array of issues encountered by manufacturing entities, including those related to contracting and business operations. Our services include assisting our clients in developing programs and policies that comply with federal and state hiring regulations, layoffs, wage and hour disputes, and workplace safety. We represent the interests of manufacturers who face construction litigation, encounter environmental issues or dispute workers’ compensation claims or employment-related lawsuits. Kelley Kronenberg provides our clients with comprehensive legal service and litigation support. We have experience in multiple practice areas, extensive trial experience, and knowledge of the business and manufacturing industries.