General Liability & Third-Party Insurance Defense

General Liability & Third-Party Insurance Defense


Kelley Kronenberg defends individuals, businesses, agencies, and institutions in various types of third-party claims, including:

  • Automobile Liability
  • Catastrophic Injury Claims & Wrongful Death
  • Commercial Trucking & Transportation
  • Construction Accidents
  • Construction Defect
  • Coverage Actions
  • Dram Shop
  • Extra-contractual Claims
  • Intentional Torts
  • Marine & Watercraft Liability
  • Negligent Security / Private Security
  • Premises Liability & Homeowner Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Slip & Fall

Attorneys at Kelley Kronenberg have extensive experience litigating liability matters from inception through trial and appeal. Attorneys quickly evaluate claims and work closely with their clients and insurers to develop a sound defense strategy to successfully resolve claims in a timely and economical manner.

Automobile Liability

A majority of vehicle liability claims concern insurance coverage. As this type of liability is also the most common in terms of insurance claim and lawsuit filing, our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the various scenarios that make up the field and offer extensive mediation and trial representation in matters including auto accident property claims, injuries stemming from auto accidents, wrongful death and other personal injury claims, and product liability claims. Further, our attorneys have the trial experience, legal knowledge, and resources to help clients appropriately evaluate, defend and resolve all varieties of complex products liability actions, including those that involve personal injuries, property damage, or warranty claims.

Commercial Trucking and Transportation

Our attorneys represent a wide range of trucking companies and corporate clients in matters involving complex accidents resulting in serious injuries or death. These cases often involve company-owned, or leased, tractor-trailers, piggyback trailers, and sophisticated equipment, as well as cargo and corporate trucking fleets.

From the initial case evaluation through trial and appeal, if necessary, our attorneys have a track record of successful results in matters involving transportation and trucking. Kelley Kronenberg is highly adept at defending truck drivers, trucking companies, and their insurers in claims including accidents, catastrophic and fatality claims, property damage, and wrongful death cases.

Construction Defect Litigation

Kelley Kronenberg represents building owners, general contractors, subcontractors, developers, and product manufacturers in a wide variety of residential and commercial construction defect property damage and bodily injury actions. Our attorneys have a breadth of experience defending contractors, real estate developers, and their insurers against almost every type of allegation of defective construction, including both design and construction issues about structural design and architectural features.

Our attorneys have handled cases where the projects in question have been hotels, condominium projects, apartment buildings, warehouses, office buildings, and single-family homes. Our attorneys are adept at defending cases involving mold, soils, and water intrusion, as well as claims asserted as to materials used in the construction process, such as concrete, windows, waterproof coatings, and other building components in single-family, multi-family, and commercial construction.

Negligent Security/ Private Security 

Kelley Kronenberg Partners and Associates work with and defend several private security companies, law enforcement agencies, and security system monitoring operations. We can represent practitioners in any aspect of the industry. We have experience defending private security companies and employees against claims for sexual battery, assault, excessive force, false imprisonment, battery, inadequate security, negligent hiring, and civil rights violations.

One of the things that makes our firm different is the experience and qualifications of our partners and associates. Our attorneys have extensive experience as police officers, prosecutors, and litigators. We know the industry best because we have been there. This real-world experience allows us to recognize issues and prepare defenses at a level beyond the capabilities of other firms. Furthermore, we prioritize relationships with our clients, and strive to serve them as valuable team members, not just as their attorneys. As your advocate, we use our experience in law enforcement and Criminal Law to identify practices or procedures that may expose you to areas of potential litigation, and work with you to create model policies that minimize risk and save money in the long run.

Premises Liability & Homeowner Liability

Commercial and private property owners are at risk for potential liability for personal injury and damage suits. Property owners have a legal responsibility to make their premises safe for everyone who uses them. This includes protecting the safety of consumers, clients, and others who walk in and out of office buildings, parking lots, residences, and shopping malls. Premise Liability includes the standard of care in the industry, constructive notice issues, security and lighting issues, and third-party issues.

Our attorneys defend corporations, franchisees, business owners, and managers against a variety of premises liability allegations. From “slip and fall” cases, to litigation involving falling merchandise, faulty escalators, elevators and sliding doors, tainted food, and premises security, our attorneys have successfully represented our clients’ interests in a variety of litigation. Our attorneys’ knowledge and understanding of the law, along with their vast experience in the courtroom, work together to provide our clients with the best liability defense possible.

Products Liability

Attorneys at Kelley Kronenberg have over 25 years of experience representing manufacturers, distributors, retailers, individuals, and their insurance carriers, in the complex area of products liability. Our product liability practice represents a broad spectrum of industries, including retail, pharmaceutical and medical devices, boats and marine products, entertainment, oil and gas, electronics, industrial chemicals, and consumer appliances and automotive products.

Our attorneys have extensive trial experience and try a significant number of cases to verdict each year, including handling products liability trials and appeals in courts throughout the country. Whether in motion practice, in settlement negotiations, or at trial, our attorneys always aim to advance our clients’ immediate and long-term objectives. Our attorneys have also used this extensive experience to counsel and guide clients through the complexities of product warnings, owner’s manuals, contract provisions, and other aspects of risk management.

Slip and Fall 

Premises liability actions have traditionally involved “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” causes of action. Premises liability is not, however, limited to these causes of action and includes, among other things, construction accidents, dog bite cases, lead poisoning, defective lighting, failure to warn of hazardous conditions, and injuries caused by the negligent conduct of a third party. Common causes for slip and fall accidents include water, ice, holes in the ground, uneven surfaces, and gaps in flooring.

Kelley Kronenberg’s Third-Party Insurance Defense and General Liability attorneys are experienced in helping clients resolve slip and fall injury claims against them. When a company, business, or municipality is charged with negligence, appropriate legal representation is critical to a successful outcome. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to quickly evaluate claims and work closely with clients and insurers to develop a sound defense strategy to successfully resolve claims in a timely and effective manner.

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