Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation


Kelley Kronenberg boasts a rich tradition of excellence in workers’ compensation advocacy. For over four decades, we have been the trusted choice for employers, insurance executives, adjusters, and business owners, offering consistent and top-tier service. Established in Florida and extending our reach to Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, New York, our firm has solidified its reputation as a national leader in workers’ compensation representation.

Comprehensive Services 

Efficiency and effectiveness are the hallmarks of our approach. Our Workers’ Compensation Division offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to each client’s unique needs. Some of the services we offer include:  

Pre-Litigation Investigation: Thorough examination and evaluation of claims to inform strategic decision-making and mitigate risks before litigation arises. 

Litigation Defense: Vigorous defense strategies tailored to protect your interests and minimize liabilities. 

Catastrophic Claim Handling: Compassionate and strategic management of catastrophic injury claims, ensuring comprehensive support for employers and carriers, while vigorously defending our clients’ interests in complex litigation proceedings. 

Medicare Set Aside Analysis and Recommendations: Tailored assessments, with recommendations regarding Medicare Set Aside requirements to ensure compliance and minimize future financial risks. 

Lien Subrogation: Aggressive pursuit of recovery through lien subrogation efforts, ensuring responsible parties are held accountable and maximizing recovery for our clients.  

Risk Management Programs: Proactive measures designed to mitigate risks and reduce exposure. 

Consulting Services: Invaluable guidance on legal compliance, best practices, and strategic planning. 

Broad-Range Consulting Services  

Kelley Kronenberg’s Workers’ Compensation Consulting practice is available to assist you and your company with the following:  

  • Attend mediations with outside counsel and assist in settlement strategy;  
  • Conduct and arrange outside counsel summit meetings;  
  • Conduct and/or attend claims reviews;  
  • Consult with companies on when outside counsel should be hired;  
  • Direct outside counsel’s activities in support of your business objectives;  
  • Locating and interviewing outside counsel;  
  • Orchestrate and attend settlement days; 
  • Prepare legal guidelines and define the scope of work;  
  • Reduce expenses and evaluate the need for counsel in additional venues;  
  • Review and collaborate on legal advice provided by outside counsel;  
  • Review fee invoices and negotiate fee adjustments; and,  
  • Work with outside counsel to develop litigation strategies. 

Working seamlessly with the attorneys in our Labor and Employment Division, our services also include human resources consulting, including:  

  • Contract negotiation and review  
  • Creation of HR Policies and Employee Handbooks;  
  • Employee benefits;  
  • Health and safety issues;  
  • Insurance needs; and 
  • Litigation and business dispute resolution. 

Representation Across Multiple Sectors 

With a diverse clientele spanning various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, construction, municipalities, retail, restaurants, and transportation, our seasoned attorneys possess the expertise to handle claims of any complexity. From routine disputes to complex litigation, our team is equipped to handle the intricacies of the workers’ compensation laws in each state we serve.  

Flexible Fee Arrangements 

Kelley Kronenberg has various pricing models depending on a client’s need and budget. The options include hourly rate, flat fee, per project, monthly/annual retainer, or an alternative fee arrangement.