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Our Practices


Kelley Kronenberg’s experience spans many aspects of the construction industry and our Attorneys understand that the needs of our clients in this industry are complex. At Kelley Kronenberg, Attorneys with differing areas of legal expertise work together to address not only the contractual and litigation needs of our construction industry clients, but also the business, financial, risk management, regulatory, labor and employment, insurance, and workers’ compensation needs. Our Attorneys strive to reach negotiated solutions in construction disputes whenever possible, but if we cannot achieve our clients’ goals by negotiation, we are prepared to proceed through all the stages of civil litigation, including mediation, arbitration, trial and appeals.

Our clients are involved in all aspects of the construction industry, including suppliers, homeowner associations, developers, design professionals, contractors, subcontractors and manufacturers, engineers, property owners, risk insurers and sureties. Our Attorneys have worked with various aspects of construction in both public and private projects and have a deep understanding of the issues relevant to the players in this industry. Our Attorneys have ready access to the full range of resources necessary to assist our clients with any construction problem and pride themselves on knowledgeable and personalized service, always striving to achieve results in an efficient and cost-effective manner.