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Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics


As the economic and legal challenges faced by the transportation and logistics industry have evolved, so too has the industry’s need for diverse legal services. Kelley Kronenberg provides businesses and trade associations in the transportation industry, with the services they need to meet their business and legal challenges. At Kelley Kronenberg, our Attorneys recognize the specialized nature of the transportation and logistics industry, both domestic and worldwide.

We counsel companies and individuals in the domestic and international transportation industry including; ship owners, managers, operators, and charterers, marine insurers, ocean shipping lines, barge lines, air, truck and rail carriers, shipyards and waterfront facilities, freight forwarders, offshore oil and gas interests, cargo owners, and goods moving companies. Our Attorneys routinely handle matters involving complex commercial disputes, insurance and accident-related claims, environmental law litigation, freight claims, labor negotiations, catastrophic losses and regulatory compliance. Further, our Attorneys regularly offer educational opportunities, legal auditing, and counseling that allows our clients to minimize exposure to liability

Our success in serving the transportation and logistics industry includes a unique combination of regulatory, legislative, defense, and commercial advice and assistance. At Kelley Kronenberg, our transportation and logistics clients encounter professionals skilled in many areas of the law affecting the transportation industry, including Corporate, Government Relations, Labor & Employment, Litigation, Environmental, and Liability. Our combined experience in these areas of practice, along with our knowledge specific to the transportation and logistics industry, provides a solid foundation from which we draw, to assist our clients with effective and cost-efficient representation.