Our Employment Law Practice Group handles matters arising under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), which is the federal law governing workplace safety and health. We counsel both public and private sector clients in all aspects of workplace safety. We assist employers in developing safety programs, train employees, effectively handle OSHA inspections, address abatement issues, attend OSHA conferences, and contest citations. We have experience handling all manner of hazards including fall protection, machine shop issues, PPE, confined spaces, noise, heat and chemical hazards, warehouse, storage, and record-keeping issues. We have extensive experience in OSHA investigations, ranging from comprehensive audits to injuries, including fatalities.

In particular, the Employment Law Practice Group advises clients concerning the issuance and contesting of OSHA citations, the abatement of hazardous conditions, and the negotiation of settlement agreements. We regularly represent clients on safety issues before OSHA and the administrative court system.