Termination of Parental Rights


Terminating a parent’s legal rights is a highly complex and sensitive action. While courts generally defer to the parents for decisions regarding the child, in some situations, courts may intervene, limit, or even terminate parental rights.

If you are considering beginning the process to have a parent’s legal rights terminated or if your parental rights are being threatened, it is essential to consult with an experienced Florida Family Law attorney. The attorneys at Kelley Kronenberg can advise you of your legal options, help protect your rights, and assist you in understanding the termination process in Florida. 

Parental Rights

Biological parents have automatic legal rights regarding their children, including spending time with the child, making decisions affecting the child’s life and well-being, and deciding who may have access to the child. They are also legally obligated to provide their child with financial support, food, shelter, and medical care.


Terminating Parental Rights in Florida

Termination of parental rights severs the parents’ rights and obligations over the child. Parents may voluntarily choose to terminate their rights, which usually occurs in the context of adoption, or the courts may involuntarily terminate their rights.

Florida Statutes provides circumstances in which a parent’s rights may be terminated, including:

  • the parent has abandoned the child
  • physical or sexual abuse
  • alcohol or substance abuse
  • the parents’ conduct has threatened the life, safety, well-being, physical, mental, or emotional health of the child

Whether you wish to terminate the parental rights of another or seek to protect or terminate your parental rights, the Family Law attorneys at Kelley Kronenberg can help. We will be there to support you through this challenging and emotional time and help you make the best decision for you and your family.