December 26, 2023

Kelley Kronenberg Names 16 New Partners in 2024

Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Miami, and Tallahassee, FL and New Orleans, LA- Kelley Kronenberg is pleased to announce the promotion of 16 attorneys to the esteemed position of Partner. This significant milestone includes Fourteen Practice Group Partners and 2 Associates from various offices firm wide. Effective January 1, 2024, Catherine Arpen, Anthony Caserta, Samuel Goldberg, Brandon Haas, Varisa Lall Dass, Jonathan Ley, Shannon Little, Indira Marin Errichetti, Raul Marrero, Emma Meyerson, Robert Olsen, Luke Sharkey, Erica Showell, Jason Silver, Sunita Smith, and Christian Williams will officially assume their roles as Partners. This well-deserved recognition reflects their outstanding dedication and contributions to the firm, and we eagerly anticipate their continued success in their new positions.  

Catherine Arpen’s practice includes general liability and third-party insurance defense related matters.  

Anthony Caserta handles matters related to first-party property insurance defense, general liability, and personal injury protection (PIP). 

Samuel Goldberg is responsible for cases within the general liability defense, first-party property insurance defense, and commercial litigation practice areas. 

Brandon Haas is dedicated to handling matters related to workers’ compensation 

Varisa Lall Dass manages cases related to first-party property insurance defense. 

Jonathan Ley handles matters related to first-party property insurance defense 

Shannon Little’s practice centers on first-party property insurance defense and General Liability defense. 

Indira Marin Errichetti focuses on matters related to workers’ compensation defense. 

Raul Marrero handles matters related to first-party property 

Emma Meyerson covers a broad spectrum of legal matters, including insurance defense litigation, general liability, first-party property, commercial litigation, and criminal defense. 

Robert Olsen focuses on both first-party property and third-party insurance defense 

Luke Sharkey is responsible for cases related to first-party property insurance defense. 

Erica Showell centers her practice on first-party insurance defense 

Jason Silver’s practice is dedicated to mortgage foreclosure litigation. 

Sunita Smith has a diverse practice that includes general liability cases, first-party property insurance defense matters, and personal injury protection cases. 

Christian Williams handles an array of matters, including first and third-party insurance defense, coverage and bad faith litigation, and general liability and insurance coverage litigation.