Professional Liability Defense

Professional Liability Defense


Professionals in every industry rely on Kelley Kronenberg’s Professional Liability Practice Group to vigorously defend them against malpractice claims. The attorneys in our Professional Liability Practice Group are acutely aware that claims against professionals are both serious and sensitive, and that these claims can involve a wide variety of issues. Our attorneys bring a wealth of experience and are adept at defending accountants, architects, attorneys, designers, engineers, consultants, health care providers, insurance agents/brokers, law enforcement agents, officers/directors, and many other professionals, in defense of an array of claims, including liability defense, and risk management.

Professional Negligence

Most professions, including law, construction, medicine, architecture, accounting, and engineering, subscribe to high standards of ethics to ensure that the client is protected at each stage of the representation process. Our Professional Liability attorneys are experienced in professional negligence defense and understand how to fully investigate professional negligence claims.

Our attorneys represent licensed professionals in claims involving:

  • Construction defects, or negligent practices of construction subcontractors or general contractors
  • Law enforcement defense ranging from automotive accidents to civil actions for deprivations of rights arising under 42 US Code § 1983
  • Negligence and breach of contract by architects, engineers and construction contractors, and subcontractors
  • Negligent background checks and negligent hiring practices of medical professional staffing agencies
  • Negligence by nurses, paramedics, and other licensed medical professionals

Our Professional Liability attorneys recognize that a professional’s income, earning capacity, and career success, depend entirely on a professional license. The attorneys in our Professional Liability Practice Group understand the importance of an aggressive defense and have the necessary experience to help our clients avoid or manage litigation.

Legal Malpractice

The attorneys in our Professional Liability Practice Group know that legal malpractice cases are more complex and involved than they may initially appear. There are aspects of attorney malpractice claims that are distinct from other types of professional liability. Our Professional Liability Practice includes the defense of attorneys against claims arising from a variety of underlying legal matters, including commercial, and intellectual property litigation, labor and employment matters, construction, real estate, commercial transactions, and criminal defense matters.

As fellow legal practitioners, we consider both the potential financial impact, as well as the professional reputation aspect of the client in every case. Our Professional Liability attorneys have the knowledge and experience to confidently address and defend all aspects of a civil liability claim and/or a professional disciplinary action including, negotiated resolutions, summary judgments, trials, and appeals.