Kelley Kronenberg’s seasoned practitioners are known for their robust defense of high-profile negligent security cases. Notably, our team has successfully defended prominent cases such as the civil litigation arising from the tragic Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) shooting massacre in Parkland, Florida and the legal proceedings related to the Pulse Night Club massacre in Orlando, Florida. Our attorneys have played a pivotal role in shaping significant negligent security case law in both Florida and New York.

Nationally Renowned Team

Our Negligent Security Team has gained national recognition for defending various entities, including residential and commercial property owners, homeowners’ associations, lessors, municipalities, individuals, and both public and private security companies. With extensive experience, our clients rely on us for the defense of claims for damages arising from the tortious conduct of a third-party occurring at our clients’ homes, schools, and businesses, such as nightclubs and places of worship.

Robust Investigations

At Kelley Kronenberg, we conduct a matter-specific meticulous analysis of each case, prioritizing the determination of foreseeability regarding the specific crime in question. Collaborating with safety experts, law enforcement, and investigators, we diligently gather comprehensive information about the property and the surrounding area where the incident occurred.

Our approach involves a thorough analysis of temporal and geographic proximities of prior crimes, drawing distinctions between past incidents and the alleged crime at issue. This careful consideration and attention to detail underscore our commitment to delivering a nuanced and well-informed perspective on each case, ensuring the highest level of legal representation for our clients.

Expansive Scope

Beyond cases involving unknown assailants, we also concentrate on defending matters with known assailants, such as sexual assault and other assaults. Our attorneys are also experienced in managing cases as excess or monitoring counsel, providing crucial support to insurers.

Balancing Advocacy and Public Interest

Understanding the delicate balance required in certain cases with public and media interest, our leadership and practitioners excel at managing competing interests and ensuring effective communication with all parties involved.