Personal Injury Protection/No-Fault

Personal Injury Protection/No-Fault


Navigating the intricate landscape of Personal Injury Protection/No-Fault law demands an astute understanding of its intricacies. Within Kelley Kronenberg’s specialized division dedicated to this practice area, our adept attorneys across Florida and New York possess in-depth knowledge regarding the challenges insurance carriers face in upholding compliance with the applicable PIP/No-Fault statutes and regulations.   

Shielding Your Interests    

Our mission is to stand as a staunch defense counsel for local and national insurance companies. We vigilantly unearth any insurance fraud or misrepresentation, protecting your company’s integrity and bottom line. Collaborating closely with claim handlers and specialized investigation units (SIU), our legal experts meticulously conduct thorough Examinations Under Oath (EUO) and delve into the depths of suspicious claims. This allows us to make informed decisions regarding whether a claim should be honored or a firm denial on the grounds of fraud is necessary.    

Strategic Partnerships for Solid Defense    

Partnering seamlessly with our clients, we craft tailored, efficient, and powerful defense strategies. Our focus is safeguarding insured parties from deceitful claims stemming from motor vehicle accidents. From handling Civil Remedies Notices to vigorously defending a carrier’s benefit denials or reductions in the courtroom, our attorneys possess the requisite skill and proficiency to meet the dynamic demands of the industry.   

Decades of Experience, Tailored Solutions    

Backed by decades of collective experience, our seasoned attorneys are adept at catering to the unique requirements of our esteemed insurance clients. Our holistic approach, encompassing a wealth of expertise in insurance defense practice, is fortified by our strategic planning capabilities, all aimed at securing the best possible outcomes for our valued clients.   

Our specialized Personal Injury Protection/No-Fault division spans two major states with mandatory Personal Injury Protection/ No-Fault coverage: Florida and New York. Kelley Kronenberg vigorously defends insurers in PIP matters, tailoring defenses based on the jurisdiction, conducting Examinations Under Oath, providing coverage opinions, and handling all stages of litigation in Florida and all phases of litigation and arbitrations in New York. Primary issues across Florida and New York include:  

  • Billing Compliance  
  • Coverage and Policy Defenses  
  • Deductible Application 
  • Exhaustion of Benefits  
  • Failure to Comply with Pre-Suit Demand Requirements (Florida)  
  • Failure to Cooperate/IME & EUO No-Shows 
  • Fee Schedule Litigation (including upcoding, modifiers, unbundling, and code denials)  
  • Fraud/Services Not Rendered  
  • IME/Peer Review Cut-Offs and Opinions  
  • Medical Necessity 
  • Requests for Additional Documentation/Information  
  • Standing 
  • Unlicensed Providers 

At Kelley Kronenberg, we don’t just navigate legal complexities; we pave the way for your peace of mind and continued success.