Building the Firm

Video Transcript

The happiest days that I have are literally those days in which I hear somebody say “I love working at Kelley Kronenberg.”

To me, that just, you know, there couldn’t be anything better than that. It just resonates within me and I just enjoy hearing that because we’ve worked hard to try to create an environment that gives that type of response or gets that type of response, and we continue to try and better it all the time.

When I see people just having the same opportunities that I think I had growing up, and probably even some better opportunities, that’s another great moment, when I see people succeeding in the model that we put into place and taking advantage of the opportunities and the resources that the firm has. I started working for Steve Kronenberg and Chuck Kelley and both those guys taught me that, you know, working for good people who gave you their word, and promised you things and they could deliver upon them was important to me.

So, I tried to bring those same qualities to the firm that they gave to me early on in my career, while building the firm into what it is today. It was important to build it and it continued to grow. It was a result of the opportunities that I was given and I, likewise, want to give some of those same opportunities to people who are now with the firm.