Achieving Work-Life Balance

Video Transcript

Every day I try not to be a failure as a parent, and that’s just doing the best I can every day with my kids to be there for them, to love them, to be supportive of them. And parenting is a journey, I think everybody knows that. You know, the pitfalls of work are small relative to the pitfalls of life. And so, I have people, my parents, my wife, my in-laws, and we really lean on one another when situations get tough, as to how we can best get ourselves out of there.

I also have made it my mission that I will never work somewhere where I can’t do things that are necessary to me being a father. I won’t work somewhere where I can’t be there for their recitals, or their sporting events, or whatever it is.

When my kids get older and they were talking about me, I hope they will say that I was a good person, that I was a good role model for them, that I loved them, that I loved their mother, that I made them laugh, that I taught them a lot of important lessons about life, and that I hope that they would say that one day if they would like to meet somebody like me. And that’s, I guess, the best you could hope for.